Joe Brandon Dodd’s journey began in 2005 when one of the first I.S.A Certified Arborists hired and trained him. Joe eventually branched out and worked for companies like the F.A. Bartlett Tree Company, Davey Tree, and a select few others. These well-established companies had excellent safety and training programs.

While continuing his arboricultural training, his travels took him to some of the coolest places ever to climb trees, from

Washington, D.C,

 Morristown, New Jersey

Central Virginia,


North Carolina,

 South Carolina,

to Georgia.

Then it was out to California where he worked in

Napa Valley,


San Francisco,

the Yosemite Area,

then choosing Auburn for its great location

in the hills close, to Tahoe and not too far from awesome beaches!

A Fantastic place to raise two sons.

Everything learned along this odyssey is handed down to any Arborist Apprentice that is hired by Brandon Tree Care.

The art of arboriculture is a way of life, not just a job. 

Brandon Tree Care is the outcome of years of training and the desire to give good service.