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The journey

Joseph Brandon Dodd The founder of BTC started out at a young age in the mountains of Virginia pulling cables for large logging machines and processing firewood on a large scale suppling a large local ski resort. This was his first job and introduction to Forestry.

Later on the fun began at age 21 when he went to work climbing  during the Telecommunications boom. 3g and 4g. eventually the boom slowed and Joe branched out. He was picked up and Trained by a local Arborist. He handed down knowledge to Joe that he had learned over his thirty year career, and by being one of the first Certified Arborist that knowledge was vast.

Joe eventually branched out again wanting to travel. His travels and work to him all over the eastern seaboard and then out to the west. Working with two of the largest tree companies in the world, Joe participated in Safety and Training programs that had been developed over the last 120 years. Completing many courses and gaining certifications. This knowledge is handed down to every Arborist Apprentice that is hired by Brandon tree.

                     The Art of arboriculture is a way of life.